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Cool Girl Decks™ is the first skateboard label with a punk edge for girls only!!!

If you want to show the guys that girls can ride too, just get one of our boards and rip! Our decks are extremely cool, very pink and very punk.

After covering Indie Music & X-Sports since 1997 for our sister site, CoolGrrrls.com, in 2004 we decided it was time that girls had their own line of cool skateboards inspired by cool girls from all over the world.

Our designing team is made-up of really cool people that are actually in the indie scene from Germany to Japan. Just say no to the tired art school designs and get noticed with our unique looks.

Our Cool Girl Decks™ are made from the highest quality; hand selected 100% North American Maple veneers and laminated with the stiffest glue in the industry. Then pressed into the latest concaves and shapes. Guaranteed against warping and defects.

Cool Girl Decks™
P.O. Box 186
Newport Beach, CA 92662

949.274.9643 ... office
714.267.8743 ... cell

Owner: Frank Davern

Cool Girl Decks™ is part of the Cool Grrrls family, and is exclusive property of CGweekly.com © copyright 1997/2010. All material is copywritten and may not be reproduced, published, or copied without permission. CGWeekly.com reserves all rights to all material within this site.

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