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Alize Montes
CONTACT: Frank Davern 877.475.7581 


Couture and Cupcakes: Delectable Decks Debut at ASR!

SAN DIEGO--Proudly pink and fashion-forward, Cool Girls Couture and Cupcake Skateboards made their debut to rave reviews and fawning fans at the largest action sports tradeshow worldwide, the ASR in San Diego August 13-15. Finally, girly girls who love to skate have their own line of killer boards to match their style, strength, and savvy.

Formed in 2004 as a way to give girls their own skateboard brand, Cool Girls Decks has branched out to meet the needs of female skaters of all ages. Cupcake Skateboards are designed for younger shredders, while the CG Couture line is for the fashionistas who aren’t afraid to flaunt their femininity as they work the vert ramp.

Cool Girls Couture/Cupcake Skateboards founder Frank Davern was on-hand to display the new lines, collect orders, and get feedback from the public and industry insiders--and the response was overwhelming.  “We were confident with our line of skateboards designed with girls in mind,” said Davern, “but this was the first time that we were face-to-face with some of the largest buyers in the action sports industry. We were a bit anxious to find out what they would think of our line, and we coudn’t have been more pleased. Almost everyone wanted to purchase our samples for either a daughter, a sister or a girlfriend.”

Davern added enthusiastically, “This was a breakout show for us. We made contacts and obtained commitments from distributors and shops from around the world.”

To learn more about this one-of-a-kind, kick-ass line of sugar and spice on wheels, visit www.coolgirlscouture.com and www.cupcakeskateboards.com, and contact Frank directly at  frank@coolgirlscouture.com – 877.475.7581.

Go pink or go home!


Supergirl Jam, 2010!
Venice Beach, California

Here are the results from the 2010 Supergirl Jam Skateboard Street, Snowboard Rail Jam and Inline Skate Best Trick contests that took place today at Venice Beach. This is the 4th year of the Supergirl Jam, the action sports industry’s largest, all-female competition and lifestyle festival that was designed to empower young ladies and celebrate their strength, intelligence and creativity. The Venice event was the third stop in the 2010 Supergirl Jam event series. 

The first event, the Supergirl Am Jam, took place at Simi Valley, California’s SKATELAB on June 30th and honored the up-and-coming female skateboarders. The Supergirl Pro Junior surf contest was the second event and took place last weekend in Oceanside, CA.

The top three winners in each contest at today’s event are below:
Skateboard Street:
1 – Alexis Sablone New York, NY
2 – Rachel Reinhard Colorado Springs, CO
3 – Jessica Florencio Campinas, Sao Paulo Brazil
Best Trick – Alexis Sablone – Front Side Board Slide
Snowboard Rail Jam:
1 – Danyale Patterson Anchorage, AK
2 – Desiree Melancon Riverside, CA
3 – Laurie Currier Wrightwood, CA
Best Trick – Desiree Melancon – Front 180/Switch 5-0/Switch Back 180 Out
Inline Skate Best Trick:
1 – Fallon Heffernan Jacksonville Beach, CA Backboard Wall Ride to 180
2 – Aarin Gates Camarillo, CA 540 Gap
3 – Crissy Grasselli Caxias do Sul, Brazil Disaster Royale Transfer
Dallas, Texas
December, 2009
The Big Texas Toy Run

Cool Girls' team member, Somer Fleek put down her wakeboard for a day and hopped on her bike, and along with 80,000+ bikers from around the DFW area she helped raise over $48,000 for under privileged children for Christmas!!! Somer says... "It was an amazing thing to be apart of!! I can't wait to do it again next year...Dallas to Arlington (near Fort Worth). 80,000 bikes participated. We all strapped toys onto our bikes for the children. People stopped on the side of the highway and parked on overpasses just to view the event. The police shut down the highway for 35 miles. Bikes strecthed all the way from Dallas to Alrington. It was crazy!!!"

Some Toy Run history... In 1985 the "Tampa Diggers" began the Toy Run, benefitting the Crossroads Development Center of Haltom City. There were 209 bikes and 247 participants in that first Toy Run. 82 children were given gifts. The run began at The Harley Center in Arlington and DM Best in Fort Worth. The bikes then met at Digger's in Fort Worth and traveled to Haltom High to meet the children.

In 1987 the name was officially changed to The Tarrant County Toy Run.
In 2000, the Tarrant County Toy Run was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) Charity. Its legal name was changed to The Tarrant/Dallas County Toy Run to honor Dallas County's contribution to the event. They then adopted the name "THE BIG TEXAS TOY RUN".

Venice Beach, CA
September 6, 2009
Supergirl Jam

The 2009 Supergirl Jam event series culminated in Venice Beach, September 6th with a series of heart-pounding, action-packed contests, treating  more than 50,000 Labor Day weekend spectators to the action sports industry’s only large scale, all-girl’s competition and lifestyle festival.  Outlasting the field of competitors and besting in each caterory for the win included:  Laurie Currier (Wrightwood, CA), claiming the Snowboard Rail Jam championship title for the second year in a row, as well as the Best Trick title; Amy Caron (Huntington Beach, CA) taking home the gold medal in the Skateboard Street contest; Alexis Sablone (Connecticut) grinding to victory in Skateboard Street Best Trick contest; and Coco Sanchez (San Francisco, CA) capturing the Inline Best Trick contest.  The event’s prize purse totaled $36,000, so the ladies didn’t hold back.

Cool Girls' team member, 10 year-old Alize Montes took 12th place out of the 24 girls competing in the street contest. Way to go, Alize! Of course at only 10 years old she was the youngest by far.
This was the 2nd year in a row our own, Alize was asked to address the Girls Inc. kids and sign autographs with some of the best action sports stars in the world.
San Francisco, CA
August 29th, 2009
Chili Bowl

For the second year in a row, our own Lexi Barclay took first in the Chili Bowl at the Protretro del Sol skate park in San Francisco! She's going for a 3-peat next year! Lexi also had a short interview in this ESPN.

Congrats, Lexi!!!

Orange County Fairgrounds, CA
July 10-12, 2009
Maloof Money Cup

The Maloof Money Cup is the premiere showcase for amateur and professional skateboarding in 2009.

This three-day festival takes place July 10-12, 2009 at the Orange County Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa, California, during the opening weekend of the Orange County Fair. The Maloof Money Cup 2008 boasted the largest purse in the history of professional skateboarding with more than $450,000 in prize money awarded in three professional U.S. Championship Competitions – Men’s and Women’s Pro Street, Men’s Pro Vert and the U.S. Amateur Championships.

Congratulations to one of our favorite street skaters, Leticia Bufoni of Sao Paulo for taking first place!

1. Leticia Bufoni - Sao Paulo, BRA $25,000

2. Lacey Baker - Covina, CA $6,000

3. Elissa Steamer - San Francisco, CA $4,000

4. Amy Caron - San Francisco, CA $2,000

5. Marisa Dal - Santo LaGrange, IL $1,000
Action Girl of the Year, '08, Michelle LeMoignan

The first time we meet Michelle was about 8 years ago when she was still in high school playing drums in the band out of Toronto, Canada, Tuuli. Tuuli’s lead singer, Jennifer MacIsaac introduced us to her. Soon after that, Michelle started contributing to our site as our fashion correspondent, while she was designing her own clothing line called, Angel Venom. I remember thinking that, she rocks on the drums and she’s totally into fashion, how cool is that??? It wasn’t until a few years later that we found out that she’s a star hockey player too.

Now at 25, Michelle is currently the captain of the Fury, her co-ed hockey team.

This cool girl is a drummer, a model, a fashion designer, a businesswomen and a hockey play??? Michelle is truly a very cool, cool girl.

We are based here in Orange County, California, and know nothing regarding hockey, so we asked our hockey aficionado, Laura Encarnado to help us with the questions. Thanks, Laura!

Cool Girls: With being on 2 teams, I can imagine your schedule is pretty hectic. What's the routine like?

Michelle: My routine can get really hectic playing on two teams. The toughest thing is when I have games scheduled for both teams on the same night. Sometimes I have to keep all my gear on but my skates just to make it to the next game on time! And some months are crazier then others. Like last February,

I had 18 games in 28 days! But to tell you the truth, if I could play on a third team, I probably would!

-Is there any major difference between playing with all girls or a coed team?

There are a couple differences between playing women’s hockey and coed hockey. In our women’s hockey we have a coach on the bench with us at all times. And if you aren't playing your position properly, or taking too long of shifts, you'll hear about it as soon as you hit the bench. There's a lot of structure to it. In co-ed hockey, everyone is expected to hold their own on the ice. The play is a bit quicker, and you play against some people who are twice your size, which means keeping your head up at all times is very important.

-What kind of duty does a team captain have?

A captain has a few duties. I think the most important duty to me is bringing a group of 12-16 players together and making them feel like a team, on and off the ice. You have to keep everyone’s morale high, even when the team isn't having its best game. When there are problems with calls, or a team member has a question, the captain is in charge of voicing the concerns to the ref's or timekeeper. And of course, we aren't being paid to play; we do it for the fun of it. So, I think it's also important to make sure everyone is enjoying themselves!

-How do you prepare for your games? Do you have a pre-game ritual or any superstitions?

No superstitions! But I always eat a good meal before I play (usually pasta) to give me lots of energy. Other then that, I usually slip a really good rock CD into my player on the drive to the game. 9 times out of 10 it's Rise Against!

-What players do you look up too and what have they taught you?

The first player I ever admired was Manon Rheaume. I was about 9 or 10 years old when she was making a name for herself. Rheaume is a goalie from Canada and is the only woman to ever play in a NHL game. She played for the Tampa Bay Lighting in an exhibition game and I thought that was the coolest thing.

-Ever have any serious injuries?

Most injuries occur when players are skating with their heads down so keeping your head up is very important. Both my women and co-ed leagues are non-contact, but that doesn't stop contact from happening. I think the worst I had was a hip-to-hip collision at full speed with a guy who had about 100lbs on me. My hip was black and blue for two weeks after that!

I've seen a girl get carried off the ice on a stretcher. Things like concussions, knee injuries, and broken ankles happen too. But like any other sport, there's always a risk of being injured. It just comes with the game.

-We know you've worked as a model, and your friends have referred to you as a girlie girl. How did you become such a devoted hockey player, and at the same time keep your femininity?

I've loved hockey since the day I was born. It's always been something very natural to me. I grew up in a hockey family where my dad coached, and my brother played fairly competitively. So it's something that I've taken along with me as I was doing everything else in my life like modeling and fashion design. Hockey is my "escape" from the everyday. I can go, work up a big sweat and come off the ice as a mess, and no one cares!

-What's next for you?

My hope is to continue playing hockey for as long as possible! Aside from hockey, I am in the process of opening a cupcake shop called Flirt in Edmonton. It's a really exciting project for me. I am an entrepreneur at heart. Doing this business feels as natural to me as showing up to play hockey!

-Where's your shop located and when do you plan on opening? And do you have a website?

Our shop is currently in renovation mode and is located in the heart of Edmonton, in the Old Strathcona area. My goal is to open Flirt's door for February 2009! And of course, one of our cupcakes will be named in honour of my hockey team, Fury!

Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to us, also, best of luck with, Flirt! We know it will be a huge success!

And congratulations on being our first ever, Action Girl of the Year! Every year from now on, we’ll be featuring a new girl that excels in sports and in life.

alex mills
GvR - Etnies Skate Park, Lake Forest, California

Sunday was an insane day. Everyone ripped pretty hard and the scores were too close for comfort, but after a sudden death overtime game of skate between Chris Cole, who kikflips a couch and Andrew Langi (Regulars) and Tyler Hendley and Justin Figueroa (Goofies) down the double set/hubbas, Slap's Team Regular broke the tie and came out on top. Cole took first place and Figgy took Goofy MVP. 

The ladies street final jam was just as exciting. Rachel Reinhard took first, Lacey Baker came in 2nd, and Leticia Bufoni took 3rd. The first time we saw Leticia skate was at the Super Girl event here in Huntington Beach, she rips! Keep your eyes on this skater, she grew up in Sao Paulo, Brazil, but now lives in Hollywood, California.

Cool Girls team riders, Lexi Barclay and Alize Monetes both skated great at the bowl contest on Friday. And we were really excited that our 9 year-old Alize Montes was invited to compete in the street event on the weekend.

Cool Girls also had a booth in the etnies' skate village this year. It was really nice to meet some many girls that are fans of Cool Girl Decks. We brought along a roulette wheel this year, and attendees had the chance to win one of our decks. At the end of the day we gave away 20 decks to some happy girls.

our roulette wheel
one of our lucky winners
Cool Girls, Lexi & Alize
another winner
photos by Allan, Cora & Frank
alex mills

August 10, 2008

MTV, MADE 'Skateboarder' 

Our company, Cool Girl Decks was asked to outfit a young girl for MTV's hit TV show called, MADE. We hooked up that girl, Alex Mills with our Cool Girl Decks' Pro Model skateboard, pads and a helmet. The pads and helmet were donated by our friends over at Viking Helmets. We also gave Alex's 'Made' coach one of our decks to ride for the show.

All of us here at Cool Girls is very excited to see girls' skateboarding receiving so much coverage. Big thanks to MTV and Alex!

Keep your eyes out for our new line of Cool Girls' boards due out in September, 2008. In the mean time, please do check out our line of Skelanimals skateboards on our store page.

Alex, we hope you enjoy your Cool Girls' board and gear...best of luck to you as you continue on your quest in becoming a competition skater.



July 25th, 2008

Mimi Knoop
Mimi Knoop
First place, Soul Bowl 2008!
photo: Socal Skate Parks
The Donnas and Clique Girlz rock the house in Huntington Beach.
The Donnas and Clique Girlz rock the house in Huntington Beach.
KTLA Channel 5, Allie MacKay
KTLA Channel 5 reporter, Allie MacKay with her Cool Girl Deck.

Mimi Knoop Wins the Women’s Soul Bowl During Day One of the S3 Supergirl Jam!
S3 Supergirl Jam – Huntington Beach, Calif., as part of the Honda U.S. Open of Surfing
Orange County, Calif. – The Second Annual S3 Supergirl Jam, the only large-scale, all-female, action sports competition and music festival, kicked off today in Huntington Beach, Calif.  Supergirl ‘actionista’ Mimi Knoop (Chesapeake, VA) skateboarded to a first place finish in the Soul Bowl competition.  Knoop, who placed second in last year’s S3 Supergirl Jam vert contest, out-performed her opponents this year with a display of powerful skills, fast skating, and talent that conveyed the confidence evident in all Supergirl “actionistas” and earned her a check for $3,500.

“Mimi looked like she owned it,” said World Cup of Skateboarding head judge Charlie Wilkins. “Run after run, she skated everything fast and powerfully, including all corners of the bowl while incorporating traveling airs.”

Brazil’s Karen Jonz (Santo Andre) earned herself second place finish with tricks such as a ‘heel flip indy grab’ which judge Wilkins said he had never seen any girl ever do; and legend Cara-Beth Burnside captured third with the confident smooth skating for which she is known.

“I am honored to win,” stated Knoop as she commented on her victory.  “A lot of girls were skating well.  I wasn’t expecting to take first place, but I just happened to stay on and connect some tricks which worked in my favor.”  

All-girl bands, The Donnas and The Clique Girlz, capped off the day’s activities with a free concert on the beach.  The S3 Supergirl Jam is part of GO211 Live, California’s longest running action sports and lifestyle festival.  In addition to showcasing the world’s largest professional surfing competition, the 2008 U.S. Open of Surfing, the GO211 Live festival village boasts many activities for the action sports enthusiast young and old.

Congrats from Cool Girls to, Mimi, you rock!

Special thanks to Viking Helmets and Airspeed for helping outfit KTLA Channel 5s' Allie MacKay!

Serena Brooke Serena Brooke
US Open of Surfing
Huntington Beach, California
Serena Brooke surfed great & came in 4th in her heat
Serena Brooke Serena Brooke
Serena's surf photos by Cathy Young
Miss Brooke w/ her Cool Girls' board
Laura Lynn Murphy etnies team manager & our own Alize Montes
Laura Lynn Murphy etnies girl team manager & our own Alize Montes
Alize was all smiles even though it was really hot out

Monday, July 21, 2008 - Girls Inc. / Actionistas autograph signing

In celebration of the highly anticipated S3 Supergirl Jam taking place at Go 211 Live from July 25-27, at Huntington Beach, California,  several of the S3 Supergirl Jam “actionistas” visited, Girls Incorporated of Orange County to impart a little creativity, empowerment, leadership and independence in the spirit of “girl power.”

Surfing sensation Courtney Conlogue (Huntington Beach, CA) and inline skating’s top female competitor Fabiola da Silva (São Paulo, Brazil) will be on hand, along with skateboarding stars Lauren Perkins (Huntington Beach, Calif.), 9-year old and Cool Girl team member Alize Montes (Seal Beach, Calif.), 12-year old Allysha Bergado (El Segundo, Calif.), and Leticia Bufoni (São Paulo, Brazil) 

S3 Supergirl Jam is designed to promote and celebrate female strength, independence and empowerment by creating a platform for today’s athletes to compete in multiple action sports disciplines.  The event features top female athletes in surf, skate and snow, as well as female bands and a variety of other activities.  This year’s S3 Supergirl Jam features elevated levels of competition, increased prize purse, and broadened appeal for spectators.

Alize, Fabiola da Silva & Leticia Bufoni Alize Montes
Alize, Fabiola da Silva & Leticia Bufoni signing autographs
Cool Girls team member, 9 year-old Alize Montes was a huge hit
the girls' from Girls Inc.
the girls' from Girls Inc.
actionistas' panel discussion
Alize teaching a few girls how to ollie
Alize teaching a few girls how to ollie
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