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Alize Montes
Age: 8, July 14th
Hometown: Orange County, CA
Favorite skaters: Cara Beth Burnside, Shaun White
Favorite skate parks: VANS, etnies & Costa Mesa
Favorite trick: Front side air
Favorite Movie: Lords of Dog town, Most vertical, Primate (yes, the Monkey Movie)
Hobbies: Snowboarding
Sponsors: Etnies, Cool Girl Decks, Volcom, Von Zipper, Bones, and Destructo Trucks
1st: VEGAS AM JAM, 6/16/07 – Mountain Ridge Skatepark
7th: GvR 2006
4th: AGSJ 2006
2nd: Idywilld
3rd: Laguna
1st: Wicked Wahine at Etnies 2005 (beg bowl)
2nd: Independence
Alize competes against 20 boys (11 & under) and then takes 1st place at the Vegas Am Jam!
End Note: It's been two years now that I've been skating, and I love every minute of it. Girls, get out your skateboards and have some fun. GIRLS RULE!!!!! COOLGIRLS!!!!!!!!! and.......Thank you, Frank for all the support!!!!!!!!
Alize's 360 off of the 1/4 pipe,
photos by Russ Sakurai

Monday, July 21, 2008 - Girls Inc. / Actionistas autograph signing

In celebration of the highly anticipated S3 Supergirl Jam taking place at Go 211 Live from July 25-27, at Huntington Beach, California,  several of the S3 Supergirl Jam “actionistas” visited, Girls Incorporated of Orange County to impart a little creativity, empowerment, leadership and independence in the spirit of “girl power.”

Surfing sensation Courtney Conlogue (Huntington Beach, CA) and inline skating’s top female competitor Fabiola da Silva (São Paulo, Brazil) will be on hand, along with skateboarding stars Lauren Perkins (Huntington Beach, Calif.), 9-year old and Cool Girl team member Alize Montes (Seal Beach, Calif.), 12-year old Allysha Bergado (El Segundo, Calif.), and Leticia Bufoni (São Paulo, Brazil) 

S3 Supergirl Jam is designed to promote and celebrate female strength, independence and empowerment by creating a platform for today’s athletes to compete in multiple action sports disciplines.  The event features top female athletes in surf, skate and snow, as well as female bands and a variety of other activities.  This year’s S3 Supergirl Jam features elevated levels of competition, increased prize purse, and broadened appeal for spectators.

Alize, Fabiola da Silva & Leticia Bufoni Alize Montes
Alize, Fabiola da Silva & Leticia Bufoni signing autographs
Cool Girls team member, 9 year-old Alize Montes was a huge hit
the girls' from Girls Inc.
the girls' from Girls Inc.
actionistas' panel discussion
Alize teaching a few girls how to ollie
Alize teaching a few girls how to ollie
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