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Remember to never skateboard without wearing your protective gear, such as your helmet and full set of pads. It’s easy to fall on your skateboard, and even though you are wearing your protective gear you still can be injured. That’s why it’s important to never skate above your comfort level. And we recommend that if you’re new to skateboarding that you take beginner classes at your local skate park, please make sure that your teacher is a reputable one. They’ll teach you all the basics, and they should also teach you how to adjust the wheels and trucks to better fit your riding style.

Products purchased from Cool Girl Decks will be shipped via FedEx Ground.  For overseas, Alaska or Hawaii orders, contact us at store@coolgirldecks.com.  For pricing, include your full address and what items you would like to purchase to receive a shipping estimate. Rush orders, also email us at store@coolgirldecks.com or call 714.960.2650 for shipping options.

Every one of the Cool Girl Decks™ purchased is assembled by hand at the time the order is received and each skateboard is inspected before being shipped.  If for some reason you decide skateboarding isn't for you, return the skateboard within five days of receiving it for a refund, minus the shipping and handling charges, plus any Pal Pal fees. The skateboard must be unused.  For pads and helmets, the same return policy applies, and we're always happy to exchange them for different sizes. Just ship them back to us unused and we'll ship you the new size that you request.

Cool Girl Decks™ will not share your mailing address, phone number or e-mail address with anyone.

If you have any other questions please contact Frank Davern at:

Cool Girl Decks
P.O. Box 186
Newport Beach, CA 92662

714.927.3091 ... Office
714.267.8743 ... Cell
714.532.6829 ... Fax

Email: frank@coolgirldecks.com

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