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Design Ateria

There's something about Design Ateria's clothing that sparks a flame inside! It's wild, flashy and full of color! And to top it all off the clothing is 100% original - not stuff your going to find elsewhere on the web. All of Design Ateria's clothing is extremely vibrant and it's signature look is the hand-dyed designs and patterns that grace each article. With clothing so eye catching it's hard to go unnoticed sporting Design Ateria.

The company not only provides its own funky clothing line but it is also big on art & the designing of really rad new age posters in a retro styled theme. They also offer exposure to bands with its "featured artist" section, which also contributes to Design Ateria's underground funk feel.

I got a hold of three items for my wardrobe. Two of them are actually tank top - panty sets. The first one is a really sexy set, in my most favorite color, hot hot pink. It's called the British Invasion thong set and has a funky mix of designs on the front including cute white stars and the words Design Ateria. The medium fits like a dream and looks great even as a daytime tank top. The second bed-time set is the pink tie dyed tank and panties. This outfit is definitely more of a night time piece, it's really snug and soft on the skin. I love wearing the top around the house with a pair of sweats just because its so cozy. Lastly, I got a one sided tank that is hand dyed and looks like it has black paint splattered over it in a very artistic manner. It's extremely funky, and a perfect top to wear pretty much anywhere. All the clothing is 100% cotton, so it all stretches well to your feminine curves and feels great on your skin.

Design Ateria's service was reasonably fast, and the customer service was super friendly. All an all, it was great dealing with the store and staff and I think many readers would certainly enjoy at least one of the many different items the store has to offer. Keep in mind, Design Ateria isn't all about clothing, they also have a hefty selection of accessories, and even one style t-shirt for the males out there too! Check out the site at www.designateria.com.



My first review is on a store called Karmaloop, and is online at www.karmaloop.com. The store has a very urban kind of feel to it with a dose ofuniqueness. The clothing they have in the store are from a bunch of different lines of clothing (such as Karmawares, Cosmic Debris, Caffiene, Fidel..etc) all brought together for a wonderful selection. The items appear to have all started with a basic pattern but have been altered in way to make them original and funky. You will not find anything plain or bland in this store.

Karmaloop has been around for about 3 years, and they say their choice of style amongst the site is for electronic-music kind of crowd. However, it isn't limited to only those who live the electronic-lifestyle (you know dancing, clubs, dj-ing..etc) because there is a wonderful selection amongst all their clothing with different hints of other styles as well.

I was able to test two of their items. One being their 'Double Dutch Capris' by Kitchen Orange, and their 'Cross Back' tank top by I Clothing. I was definitely more than impressed with the quality of the items as well they looked even better in person than on the site! Wearing them for a day, I received tons of compliments and everyone wanted to know "where did you get them?". I must say I especially adore the Capris. They are made of a stretchy denim and fit perfectly to my body with a wide piece of denim stretch across the front to do them up (see picture) The top is just as awesome, although its something I normally wouldn't wear (its an open back, which means you can't wear a bra). The top is made out of awesome material, there’s actually two layers put together. On top is this very pretty purplish-blue which may not be very comfortable pushing against the skin. So I Clothing put an extra layer underneath of the softest cottony type material, brilliant thinking.

Lastly, their customer service was excellent. The people were polite, professional, and I received my items within 2 business days!! Overall wonderful service!!!

Be sure to head over to Karmaloop, they have an amazing selection... everything you could possibly need in your wardrobe! www.karmaloop.com


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