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Cool Girl, Tracy Mitchell interviews another cool girl, Lo from the hit MTV show, The Hills!

We caught up with Cool Girl, Lauren “Lo” Bosworth, just days before the season premiere of the second half of The Hills’ third season. This season is sure to give viewers lots of entertainment as Lo and Audrina move in with Lauren (LC).  Lo discussed some of the pressures of Hollywood as well as some of the perks, and Cool Girls found her to be one down to earth and genuine girl!

Somer Fleek
Somer Fleek
Somer Fleek

CG: Are we going to see a lot more of you in this season of the Hills?

Lo: Yes, mostly because I am living with LC and Audrina this season.

CG: How do you like living with LC and Audrina?

Lo: It is a lot of fun. LC and I are such good friends that it was just the natural progression to live together. Audrina is great, we all have a great time.

CG: Have you all taken specific roles as roommates?

Lo: I am definitely the motherly one, I make sure the dogs get walked and fed! Audrina is the cleanest!

CG: Do you feel a lot of pressure having cameras around you constantly or have you gotten used to it? 

Lo: I do not feel a lot of pressure filming for the Hills; it has become part of my normal routine. However, the Paparazzi are always around which I have not been used to.  Just this morning, there were 15 Paparazzi around the house when Audrina and I went shopping, it is overwhelming!

CG: Do you feel like you’re being your true self in front of the cameras? Has there ever been anything you’ve done or said on the show that you’ve regretted or been embarrassed by?

Lo: I am my true self on the show and I have not regretted anything specific. Obviously, there is editing that occurs that will leave out details of a conversation which may portray me differently than I really am.

CG: Does LC turn to you for a lot of advice?  What type of advice do you give her?

Lo: Yes, and the advice goes both ways. We have been friends for so long that I am very upfront and give her honest feedback and she does the same for me. We share advice on all types of things.

CG: Has LC given you any pieces from her new clothing line?  How would you describe your fashion sense?

Lo: Yes, I will sometimes be looking for something to wear and will go to LC’s closet.  I really love her collection; it’s easy to dress up or down. I have a basic fashion sense and like to dress up, but also like normal day to day stuff. Lately I have been wearing a simple look of jeans with a T-back tank top in all sorts of different colors.

CG: Do you have any special talents or hobbies that we have not seen on the show yet?

Lo: Hmmmm, that is a hard one to answer off the top of my head, I do speak some Spanish and French! Hobbies of course are shopping—my plastic gets a workout! I also like to watch TV like anyone else—I am not that exciting!

CG: Do you aspire to be a part of Hollywood?  

Lo: Some days yes, but a lot of days no. The Paparazzi has become so overwhelming and there is a lot of pressure in Hollywood.

CG: Who is the most famous person that you have met or favorite event that you have attended?

Lo: Back when we were filming Laguna Beach, we got to meet Bruce Willis which was really exciting.  We did get to sit front row of this year’s Victoria’s Secret fashion show—those girls are beautiful!

CG: What is going on between you and Frankie (Brody’s friend)?  

Lo: Frankie and I are just friends. Of course we will all go out in a large group from time to time, but we are just friends.

CG: If you had the ability to vote anybody off the show, who would it be?

Lo: Nobody(laughing)!  Everybody is great and adds their own dynamic to the show—I wouldn’t vote off anybody!

CG: Thanks so much for your time, Lo! You rock!

The Hills airs on Mondays on MTV, 10PM ET.  Read more about what to expect in the second half of the third season at: www.mtv.com/the_hills

Frank from Cool Girl Decks interviews, pro surfer & all around cool girl, Serena Brooke!
Serena Brooke
Serena Brooke
Serena Brooke
Serena Brooke
Serena Brooke
Serena Brooke
Serena Brooke
Serena Brooke
Serena began to compete in amateur competitions in 1990 where she was crowned the Queensland amateur surfing title as well as the Australian National Title. Following her graduation from high school in 1995 she entered the pro ranks and finished her rookie season with a #13 overall ranking on the woman's tour. She was named the 1995 Women's Rookie of the Year. Among her notable accomplishments was winning the Billabong Pro Australia title and achieving a temporary #1 overall ranking in 2001. She would finish with #2 ranking twice on the World Championship Tour (WCT). Serena Brooke is one of the most marketable athletes in woman's surfing having garnered numerous sponserships including etnies, Angel Eyewear and Bud Light. She also has starred in numerous surfing videos and occasionally holds surfing camps for children looking to learn how to surf.

Frank: When did you first start surfing, and how long was it before you knew that this is what you wanted to do for a living?

Serena: I started surfing at 14 years old I knew by the time I was 16 that I wanted to do it for a living.

We know that you’re from Coolangatta, Australia. Do you still live there full time?

Yes I live there full time when I am in the country.

Do you compete in most of the events in the ASP Women’s World Championship tour?

Yes I compete in pretty much all of them…

What’s your favorite contest/country to travel too?

I like traveling to France the waves are fun and the contests are based where the waves are good they move it to another bank if the waves are bad.

I know that you’ve been surfing for quite a few years now…how has your competition changed, and also is it tougher out there on the tour now or about the same from when you first started competing?

Yes the competition has changed the whole tour has changed but that’s life and its always changing.

I’ve been surfing for years, and never really saw a lot of girls out, but after that movie Blue Crush, I started seeing more and more girls in the lineup. Did you notice that as well?

Blue crush definitely made a big impact on women’s surfing, it hit the mainstream and made it ok for girls to want to go to the beach and surf I noticed a big push for sure.

How often do you surf, and do you consider it practice when you’re out surfing? Or are you surfing just because you love it?

I am out there for both because its practice and because I love it, it’s the best job.

When you surf do you surf mostly with your girl friends or guy friends?

I surf with both I usually go with my girl friends and then see my guy friends out there either or prob both.

Do you participate in any other sports?

Just for fun, I like snowboarding, skating, biking all that stuff but its for fun not seriously.

Tell us about the 'Serena Brooke Charity Surf Day’.
I know that has to be a huge time comment for a busy girl like yourself. We think it’s great that you’re turning young girls onto surfing, and helping out charities at the same time. Who came to you with the idea for the 'Serena Brooke Charity Surf Day’ or was it something you thought of on your own?

It was myself and my former agent Dan Jackson we worked with Rusty originally to start it up, then it just ended up progressing, I have not been able to fit it in the last couple of years but I want to get it started up again soon.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Doing something I love, I kind of don’t look into the future too much I just live here now, but for sure I will be happy and content whatever I am doing.

And what do you think the future holds for women’s surfing?

I think the future hold a lot the level is amazing in the young girls and its inspirational to watch, its in good hands for sure.

One last question. What kind of skateboard do you ride?

Cool Girl's...Femme Fatale.

We like hearing that! ;-)

Thank you, Serena for taking the timeout of your busy schedule to talk to us, and for doing what you do to promote surfing to girls all over the world. Wish we had more role models like you at there.

Serena Brooke's background info and photos provided by:
serenabrooke.com ~ myspace.com/serenabrooke ~ wikipedia.org

Girls Wakeboarding Club interview w/ Somer Fleek

Anything boys can do, girls can do better… that is the motto of our club.  We are in our second year of the club and have already signed up 250 girls for the club.  Our focus is to grow the sport of wakeboarding and give girls the opportunity to ride and get some instruction from other girls.  It doesn’t matter if you haven’t gotten up yet or are doing raley’s there is a place for you here.  Our first year was a huge success with a large participation and especially our tournament where we had over 30 girls ride in their very first tournament!!   We are expecting this year to be even bigger. 

We have had the women pro riders supporting us such as Dallas Friday and Megan McNeil doing appearances for us and helping to promote the club.  These women have been pioneers in the sport, taking control and making not only room for women in the sport, but carving a wake for the rest of us to get psyched and strap on a board.

Rebecca Cvar and Tami Clemson, the founders of the Club, are wakeboard riders who are stoked to bring in girls of all ages, regardless of their level of riding.

The club will meet starting in May, providing the boats, offering instruction and demo rides as well as some equipment for those first-timers who want to try out the sport and different boards before deciding what to purchase. The best part is meeting other girls who are interested in wakeboarding, and just hanging out meeting new friends.

Girls Wakeboard Club will be at the Waterski America Booth in January at the Fort Worth and Dallas Boat Shows.  Stop by and meet them there.

We interviewed our newest officer of the club, Somer Fleek.  She has been a huge help with the club and has been instrumental in generating ideas for fundraising.  Below are questions we asked her.

Somer Fleek
Somer Fleek
Somer Fleek

How did you get started in wakeboarding?
It was about 3 years ago when I had first heard about it. I was at my friend Tyler Pollock's house and I saw this contraption leaning up against his wall. I didn't have a clue what the heck it was. I asked him what you did with it, and he told me you ride on it behind a boat. I still didn't really understand, but thought it sounded like a lot fun!! So one day when I was in class I happened to come across a guy who was on the Water Ski Team. I asked him if he had ever heard of a thing called wakeboarding, and he looked at me like I was an idiot. I assumed the answer was yes after that point. Later that day he took me out to the lake to ride with some of the team. There was this amazing guy named Chris Hoover who was flipping and spinning all over the place. IT WAS AWESOME!! After that I saw him ride, I couldn't wait any longer....I had to get out there!! So, Chris strapped me in and gave me a few pointers and before I knew I was up riding around all over the place!!! It was the best feeling in the world. From then on I haven't been able to put my wakeboard down!!

How hard was it to get to the competition level of riding?
I think I'm different than most people when it comes to tournaments. I didn't care if I was good or not. If there was a tournament, I was competing in it. It's all about the fun for me. I remember my first tournament I couldn't even jump the wake!! I can't say I didn't get nervous though. Matter of fact I thought I was going to puke all over the dock. I still get that way to this day. Especially if the girl right before you was really good!! ;o) But, at the end of the day it's all about the thrill and excitement of doing what you love!!
What does wakeboarding mean to me? What do I get out of it?
Wakeboarding means a million things to me. It's about concentrating, feeling free, continuously smiling, hearing your friends shout for you when you land a new trick, taking bad falls and getting right back up just so you can do it all over again, watching the sun go down across the lake, wearing a wetsuit that's 10x's too big for you just so you won't freeze in the 40 degree water....goodness the list is never ending! The biggest thing I get out of wakeboarding is accomplishment and self-satisfaction. The fact that I never quit means the world to me.
I know the rest of this interview is for me to have bragging rights, but I would rather thank some people instead. First and foremost, I want to think my boyfriend for teaching me everything I know about wakeboarding. Without him I would probably still be learning how to get up. My parents for teaching me never to give up. Brent for always letting me ride behind his Wakesetter, Rebecca and Tami for starting the Girls Wakeboard Club of Dallas/Ft. Worth. The fact that a bunch of girls can get together and ride is AWESOME!!! Datalink for allowing me to leave a couple minutes early from work just so I can get smooth water before all the wally's come out. And last but not least, Frank!! I'm so excited that someone finally came out with a magazine for girls, AND GIRLS ONLY!!! Seeing all these girls across the country that love extreme sports as much as I do is a great feeling!!!!
Keep doin' what you do ladies!!!!

If you are interested in the being a part of the Girls Wakeboarding Club check out our website at www.girlswakeboardingclub.com.  You can get our email addresses off of there as well if you have any additional questions.  See ya on the water!!!

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