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Hometown:  Folsom, CA
Age/birth date: 12 - 7/2/96
Years riding: 5
Favorite terrain: vert ramps, pools
Favorite trick: FrontsideAirs 
How often do you skate: Five times a week
Favorite skatepark: Glendale
Favorite skater: Cara-Beth Burnside
Contest entered and placed
Ranked 4th for NA Bowls by World Cup Skateboarding for 2008!
Scott's Valley TMB contest: 4th in street: 3rd in pro woman's bowls
Mountain Dew free flow tour: 1st place
Boreal Ridge Bowl: 3rd place
Folsom Bowl Bash: 1st place

It has been a rough year at least the start my first contest went bad be for i got to skate. I was playing with some friends jumping out of a tree well guss what? I jumped out and rolled my ankle real bad the worst I have ever done. The 2-3-4 was the concrete rodeo first one was Saturday at Tanznite Park. Sunday was at Folsom and Truckee on Tuesday, well it was Friday before the first contest. I was practicing for Sunday contest and fell going switch and broke my arm, but no excuse, I skated the next day at Tanznite and did ok got third next day at Folsom took 2nd and on tue at Truckee took 1st. I just thank God I did not fall hard only had to go to my hip once. #5 was at Grass Valley  this contest was on a Saturday there was three divisions beginners-intermidate-advance no age group at all for all three. So I entered the intermediate sense I was the only girl period, and I got my small cast so I could skate a little better things turned out ok, I took third out of 16 boys all ages. So I was stoked at the end of the day, still can't grab frontside - a few more weeks than it will come off. Next I was gonna go to the Oregon Trifecta but was unable to go, so bummer, next year for sure, but next is I think in SF the Chill Bowl contest than Tim B. in Scotts Valley.

Lexi sk84life Barclay

Shoe sponsor: Air Speed

photos by Jon Yunker
Lexi and her father, Allan
2nd place & Lexi who won 1st place
It's called a purse, Lexi! ;-)
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