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Cool Girls' Press
Stacking the Deck w/ MSNBC
"In the skateboarding world, the guys had all the choices and the girls were pretty much left out in the cold. That is, until Cool Girl Decks came along and heated things up by filling the gap" JJ Ramberg the host of Your Business

Cool Girl Decks was featured on MSNBC's hit business show, Your Business, May 10th, 2008.
American Girl
June 2009

Cool Girls' Team Member, Alize Montes is featured in the current issue of American Girl magazine.
Six 7-8th
January 2009

Cool Girl Decks featured in cool new teen mag.
Wahoo's Fish Tacos

Cool Girl Team Member, Alize Montes featured in an ad for our favorite restaurant.
Airspeed Shoes

Cool Girls Team Member, Lexi Barclay featured in an ad for Airspeed shoes, which are sold at Wal Mart.
CG Skates on..right into the Daily Pilot!
April 1, 2008

The Daily Pilot recently interviewed our fearless founder, Frank, about how he came up with the Cool Girls brand. Check out CG Decks' history in the newspaper or click here for the online story.

Keep cranking out those hot boards for us chicks, Frank! Skate on, girls!
GL - Girls' Life Magazine
January/February 2008
Featured on GL's Gift Giveaway section.
The Jenga: Girl Talk giveaway was a huge hit with GL girls! We gave away two Cool Girl Decks completes and Girls' Life received a total of 6,805 entries! Congrats to Kelsey of Maine and Rachel of Georgia, both girls won our new Tigress Skateboard.
Los Angeles Times
November 29, 2007
Cool Girl Decks graced the cover of LA Times Business section with a business makeover.
It is a great article promoting girls' skateboarding.
GL - Girls' Life Magazine
December/January 2007
Featured on GL's Gift Giveaway section.
"Need to get somewhere fast? 3 lucky girls will be racing around town on a Cool Girl Decks."
GL - Girls' Life Magazine
December/January 2007
Featured on GL's website, Gift Giveaway section.
"BABE ON BOARD: Who says girls can’t do everything guys do? This sweet ride by Cool Girl Decks ($96) is made for fierce femmes like YOU! Pre-assembled with a stylin’ deck, Cargo Trucks, wheels, Speed Demons bearings, and pink screws, bolts and grip tape, you’ll be ready to roll as soon as you pull it out of the box. Be afraid boys…be very afraid."
Teen Magazine
Fall Issue 2006
Featured in the Super Horoscope Bonus section.
"Whether you're a newbie or an avid boarder, a girl-friendly deck makes for cool moves."
Family Fun, People Magazine, and Good Housekeeping
The Martin Agency asked Cool Girl Deckss to provide skate talent, and a location for the new Hanes ad. Along with two of our team members, Cool Girls' Alize Montes and Lexi Barclay, we also invited, Patrick and Jacob. The location that we picked was Etnies Skate Park in Lake Forest, California. The photo shoot took 12 hours, but everyone had fun. And the advertising agency told us that the ad would be seen by 17 million people over its 6 week run. 
Bail Magazine
We were interviewed by
Jenny Seay of Bail
for an article on our skateboard company ... titled, Fairer Sex on Wheels.
Best of the West
Skate Park Guide
Cool Girl Decks featured in the PBS ad.
Concrete Wave
Team rider, Lexi Barclay featured in the Spring Issue of Concrete Wave.
Concrete Wave 2006 Calendar
Team rider, Lexi Barclay featured in the Kronik Energy, May/June page.