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Serena Brooke
Surf Strong


Serena Brooke began to compete in amateur competitions in 1990 where she was crowned the Queensland amateur surfing title as well as the Australian National Title. Following her graduation from high school in 1995 she entered the pro ranks and finished her rookie season with a #13 overall ranking on the woman's tour. She was named the 1995 Women's Rookie of the Year. Among her notable accomplishments was winning the Billabong Pro Australia title and achieving a temporary #1 overall ranking in 2001. She would finish with #2 ranking twice on the World Championship Tour (WCT). Serena Brooke is one of the most marketable athletes in woman's surfing...

All of us here at Cool Girls are extremely happy to add the very cool, Serena Brooke to our skate team!

She's truly an iconic surfer!

Serena Brooke
Serena Brooke Serena Brooke
Serena Brooke

Serena Brooke
US Open 2007
Huntington Beach, CA

Serena Brooke
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