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Somer Fleek
Action sports star wakeboarder, Somer Fleek has joined Cool Girls!

Somer graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University in 2006.

During her years there she was introduced to the sport of wakeboarding. It didn’t take long for her to figure out this new found hobby would soon take over her life. She was the Secretary of the Waster Ski Team and the Vice President of the Wakeboard Team her Junior and Senior year. She competed in various competitions in the South Region as well as attended Wakeboard Collegiate Nationals in Orlando, FL in 2004.

Somer goes out to the lake every chance she gets and still loves to learn new tricks.

When she’s not on the water she enjoys spending quality time with friends and family as well as being with her Golden Retriever, Logan. Somer thrives on meeting new people and taking on new activities. She is currently captain of her Kickball Team, loves to go mountain biking, run trails and is chomping at the bit to go skydiving!!!!

She is a huge adrenaline junkee and loves to see girls man handle extreme sports!!!

Somer Fleek Somer Fleek
Somer Fleek

Cool Girl, Somer and teammate Kelly Ryan at the 2009 World Kickball playoffs in Dallas, Texas
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